Environmental Statement

At Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd., our respect for the environment is resolute. Our unwavering respect is exercised at every level of our company and is reflected in our products, manufacturing processes, and facility practices. Our commitment to the planet, humanity, and future generations is represented in our mandate of environmental practices.

With enthusiastic diligence, we are determined to preserve and protect our world’s natural resources in the manufacturing of our products.

The metal used in our facility is 100% compliance with all applicable environmental laws, and we are committed to continual improvements in our processes and in developing environmentally compatible manufacturing technologies and products. We encourage our suppliers to follow good environmental and sustainable practices. We do not support illegal logging and will not knowingly purchase from suppliers who we believe support these practices. We actively seek new and innovative ways to improve our manufacturing processes to achieve a higher level of environmental practices.

Our employees take responsibility for their part in protecting and improving the environment. From ensuring materials In our manufacturing facilities are properly recycle and managed, using reusable containers for their lunches, and using paper or glass cups instead of Styrofoam cups, our employees are our most valuable asset in restoring, preserving, and improving our environment.

We invite you to join with us in our commitment to protecting the environment through responsible use of our natural resources.